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All participating competitors of this BATTLE

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This is the character Battle and the test drive for the BATTLE of the BOOKS (Paranormal Cravings Awards) in December!

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  1. Amanda Gray
    Amanda Gray July 02, 23:12
    Jane Yellowrock! Beast would accept no less!
  2. Anne Rindfliesch
    Anne Rindfliesch July 03, 13:20
    Jane Yellowrock all the way.
  3. Dani Harper
    Dani Harper July 04, 17:45
    Rooting for Jane Yellowrock and Beast!
  4. Denise Duck-Matthews
    Denise Duck-Matthews July 05, 05:09
    Jane Yellowrock for sure!!
  5. Miya G
    Miya G July 11, 13:44
    So glad the glitch is fixed! Summon Dorn and Torren have amazing heroes! Azure Boone and Kendra Daniels all the way!
    • Miya G
      Miya G July 20, 12:35
      Love Kassern! Sexy, brave, smart, rock hard body, and a great story to tell!
  6. Denise
    Denise July 12, 10:47
    Thank you for giving the glitch. Summon Dorn and Summon Toren all the way. Azure Boone and Kenra Daniels rock! Archangels Creed is undoubtedly my favorite series!
  7. Eva Millien
    Eva Millien July 13, 20:36
    Thanks for sharing. Jane Yellowrock rocks! The Wird Girls are the best newcomers.
  8. hotcha1
    hotcha1 July 13, 21:06
  9. Kai W.
    Kai W. July 13, 21:40
    With so many of my favorite characters, it's going to be difficult to decided toward the end.
  10. mathlady68
    mathlady68 July 13, 21:43
    I like Jane Yellowrock but Gin Blanco is my favorite!
  11. kerbytejas
    kerbytejas July 13, 23:50
    that was fun
  12. Michelle
    Michelle July 14, 00:25
    Go Jane! And Kit!
  13. Heathrr
    Heathrr July 14, 03:22
    J.C Daniel Kit Colbana all the way love this series..advice those who havent read it to read it!!!!!
  14. Shawna
    Shawna July 14, 04:21
    Jane Yellowrock always, but Gin Blanco would give her a run for her money.
  15. chickie434
    chickie434 July 14, 05:48
    I must admit, I'm kinda upset that Mercy Thompson didn't make it into this battle. I would have rooted for her to the end.
    • Tori Clark
      Tori Clark July 25, 18:56
      Love the others but Jane "rocks" no pun intended!!
  16. Holly Daugherty
    Holly Daugherty July 14, 13:11
    Gotta go with Jane yellowrock.
  17. Jen M
    Jen M July 14, 14:46
    Love Kit Colbana <3
  18. Christina Gossett
    Christina Gossett July 14, 23:57
    Kit Colbana is a very strong character. Loved this book!
  19. Amanda Gray
    Amanda Gray July 15, 02:25
    I have a question. Who was allegedly cheating and what character was the voting for? How exactly did the cheating occur. I believed we were voting on our characters against all of the other characters.
    • azureboone
      azureboone July 17, 13:51
      Nobody was specifically named publicly. The accusation that people were refreshing their page and selecting their covers over and over was made, but anybody who battled might recall that the second you clicked a selection, the battle switched. So, I'm still unsure why that accusation was ever made since this is more of a lack of clarity in the rules.
      • Jo Good
        Jo Good July 17, 22:27
        Yeah, if a rule isn't made clear, it is a bit much (and a bit insulting) to call it cheating. Always better to have clarity so no one feels either taken advantage of OR insulted! Now, let's have a good clean match here! No kidney punches, no rabbit punches. Go to your corner when directed. Let's get ready to rumble!! :)
      • azureboone
        azureboone July 18, 16:32
        haha, yes indeed. Now excuse me while we have our asses handed to us by Misses jane!
  20. Shawnie Nicole
    Shawnie Nicole July 15, 15:10
    Jane and Elena!!!!!!
  21. Lynette Dunn
    Lynette Dunn July 15, 17:58
    Love Kit and Elena
  22. Jakk
    Jakk July 15, 20:56
    Jane!! :) And why was Remo Williams listed below the fights? I sure as heck would of voted for him! Destroyer Rocks!
  23. denisegardner
    denisegardner July 15, 21:52
    Summon Dorn and Summon Toren all the way!!!!! Kenra Daniels and Azure Boone rock!!
  24. Carol LaGatta
    Carol LaGatta July 15, 22:32
    Love Jane!
  25. Aimee Keel
    Aimee Keel July 15, 23:04
    A lot of great characters listed. Also gave me a couple of ideas for new series to start.
  26. Dee Pixley
    Dee Pixley July 16, 14:20
    I have some new books to add to my reading list!
  27. Robin Malone
    Robin Malone July 17, 05:00
    Yaaay! More authors to add to be reading list! :-)
  28. D'Aulan Collins
    D'Aulan Collins July 17, 14:57
    Merit is going to kick everyone's butt!!!
  29. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho
    Jane and Gin! I hope they don't end up facing each other. It will be so hard to pick a winner between them. LOL
  30. Pat Idleman
    Pat Idleman July 17, 15:23
    Love Merit!
  31. Michelle D
    Michelle D July 17, 15:27
    Elena! - Love the Guild Hunter series
  32. Yvonne A
    Yvonne A July 17, 15:36
    More books add to reading list I like Elena, Merit and Jane
  33. Stephanie
    Stephanie July 17, 15:37
    I have to go for Merit. She definitely handles her own.
  34. Jenese @ Readers Confession
    Elena, Gin and Merit...some seriously good battles here!
  35. Emma Walden
    Emma Walden July 17, 16:08
    Go Merit! :-)
  36. mudepoz
    mudepoz July 17, 16:20
    So many good characters, Elena, Merit, Maddy, but Jane Yellowrock rocks my heart.
  37. Brittany
    Brittany July 17, 16:30
    Merit rocks!!
  38. Ellen
    Ellen July 17, 19:43
    Merit, Elena, and Jane Yellowrock....all desire to win
  39. Jo Good
    Jo Good July 17, 22:29
    Jane all the way! If Beast shows up she'll clear the field whether she's paired up or not! ;)
  40. mathlady68
    mathlady68 July 18, 00:20
    I agreed with the majority in all but one! That never happens! I am still hoping Gin takes it all!
  41. Donald Kiesling
    Donald Kiesling July 18, 01:12
    Jane Yellowrock & Beast! Two heros-one body at a time!
  42. AlabamaGirl
    AlabamaGirl July 18, 03:18
    Archangel Creed!
  43. denisegardner
    denisegardner July 18, 03:32
    I have yet to be able to vote. I have tried repeatedly. Still no chance to cast my votes.
  44. Shanae
    Shanae July 18, 03:36
    Oh my, this is going to be a hard one....I love Gin Blanco, Merit, & Jane Yellowrock.
  45. Laura
    Laura July 18, 04:27
    Go Kitl!
  46. BB
    BB July 18, 08:20
    Common Kit!
  47. miki
    miki July 18, 11:13
    jane and merit so far for me ( mirren will be too but not at the moment) i appreciate to discover new books thanks to this event
  48. Heather Coulter
    Heather Coulter July 18, 12:59
    Kit Kit Kit
  49. twiser
    twiser July 18, 13:45
    Love most these series. But IF I MUST choose "Go Merit"
  50. ELF
    ELF July 18, 16:36
    Love Gin AND Kit!
  51. Jeannie Holbrook
    Jeannie Holbrook July 18, 20:51
    Love Jane and Gin
  52. Crystal
    Crystal July 18, 20:49
    Fun vote!
  53. Jeanny
    Jeanny July 19, 04:43
    I'm disappointed that Mercy Thompson & that itchy witch Rachel aren't included in this battle. That said i'm elated Gin Blanco, Merit, & Jane Yellowstone are in the running. Voting for just one is going to be nearly impossible for me.
  54. Denise
    Denise July 19, 23:24
    I am still unable to vote. I would love to know why.
  55. Cynthia
    Cynthia July 20, 02:14
    Love Kassern
  56. bn100
    bn100 July 20, 04:42
    Go Kassern
  57. Anna-Marie
    Anna-Marie July 20, 12:38
    Badass Archangel Kassern All The Way Archangel's Creed series is the bomb you guys rock Azure and Kenra
  58. Gloria
    Gloria July 20, 19:42
    Voted for Kassern! He is the ultimate warrior! And the sexiest Angel!!
  59. April S.
    April S. July 20, 21:29
    Rooting for Elena all the way!!
  60. Linda Townsend
    Linda Townsend July 20, 22:26
    I voted! WooHoo!
  61. Denise Van Plew
    Denise Van Plew July 21, 01:16
    that was hard to choose all the books are great
  62. Nyx
    Nyx July 21, 20:31
    Definitely have to go with Gin, Merit, and Elena! Some of my favorite book series. ^-^ (Although I have a LOT of favorite book series XD )
  63. azureboone
    azureboone July 22, 14:01
    • Paranormal Cravings
      Paranormal Cravings July 22, 14:10
      Thank you! Thought to make it easy for all to see when the next round begins :) It seems I do learn in this process!
      • azureboone
        azureboone July 22, 23:08
        You will ace it in December
  64. D'Aulan Collins
    D'Aulan Collins July 22, 14:49
    Merit is going to take this hands down! She has wit, great fighting skills, and a hot vampire lover to keep her in the right direction.
  65. Kim Power
    Kim Power July 23, 06:32
    Jane and Merit all the way.
  66. Rahilah
    Rahilah July 23, 13:02
    Elena & Merit all the way!
  67. Michelle
    Michelle July 23, 13:35
    Fun vote!
  68. Denise Duck-Matthews
    Denise Duck-Matthews July 23, 16:22
    Jane/Beast all the way!! Gin, Merit and Elena are some of my other favorites too. There is just something about Jane...
  69. Nadine
    Nadine July 24, 13:25
  70. lillian
    lillian July 24, 13:54
    Merit will kick ass
  71. Emma Walden
    Emma Walden July 24, 15:29
    Merit all the way! :-D
  72. Jackie Evans
    Jackie Evans July 24, 16:29
    Jane Yellowrock/Beast or Merit? Love them both but it's got to be Jane, after all she changes shape and not just into Beast. Elena or Gina? It's got to be Elena she's an kickass Angel who hunts vampires (and Archangels) enough said.
  73. lillian
    lillian July 24, 16:33
    Merit to the end
  74. Amy
    Amy July 25, 01:35
    Jane Yellowrock would easily kick everyone else's butt! Her dual nature rocks!
  75. Caro
    Caro July 25, 02:50
    I love all four of these gals. Jane is touch not sure if Merit could take her,. I hate picking between Gin and Elena, but Gin would be touch to beat. Gin has that Ice and stone magic hard to beat.
  76. Juli
    Juli July 25, 13:36
    Putting in my vote for Archangel Kassern
  77. Ellen
    Ellen July 25, 16:02
    I love Jane, but I am going to go with Merit. And Elena will always win with me. I am so jealous of her wings.
  78. carlton mckenney
    carlton mckenney July 25, 17:55
    Merit is OK but Jane would eat her lunch in a direct contest.
  79. Deb Funk (@7giantsfan2)
    Deb Funk (@7giantsfan2) July 26, 18:16
    Merit Merit Merit... oh yea and Merit :) lol
  80. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho
    Gin and Jane for the win. It's going to be hard for me if they end up battling it out.
  81. Laura
    Laura July 28, 15:41
    Got to go with Elena. Immortal Angel beats all the things.
  82. Kat Purnell
    Kat Purnell July 28, 17:34
    Go Merit!!!
  83. Michelle Adams
    Michelle Adams July 28, 17:38
    Love Merit and am excited to find new reads!!!!
  84. Danael McGuire
    Danael McGuire July 28, 17:51
    I voted! Thanks :-)
  85. Steph from
    LOve how you are doing this. Merit all the way!
  86. Nicole
    Nicole July 28, 18:01
    Merit for the win :)
  87. Jackie Evans
    Jackie Evans July 28, 18:35
    Elena all the way in the final she a kick ass angel (enough said)
  88. angie erickson
    angie erickson July 28, 18:58
    Definitely MERIT although I'm disappointed that I missed GIN. She is one tough chick!
  89. Cristina Gutierrez
    Cristina Gutierrez July 28, 19:08
    Love Merit. These battles are so fun! It is a great opportunity to find new books or just hear what people think about your favorite characters. I am excited for the Battle book in December. :-)
  90. Arlene mullen
    Arlene mullen July 28, 19:09
    Love the Chicagoland vampire series!
  91. Danael McGuire
    Danael McGuire July 28, 19:46
    Merit all the way!!!
  92. Denise Z
    Denise Z July 28, 20:06
    I think some see this as oh so serious - personally I just enjoy the fun! A friend told me to come vote for Jane, as I am really a fan, but she is not on the board today and I do like Merit very much :) Thanks for the fun and for the treat of a giveaway opportunity!
  93. Andrea RC
    Andrea RC July 28, 20:52
    Go Merit!!! vamos Merit! vote for Merit!
  94. Texas Book Lover
    Texas Book Lover July 28, 21:25
    Such great choices all is hard to choose!
  95. Michelle
    Michelle July 28, 22:01
    Tough choice!
  96. miki
    miki July 28, 22:02
    glad merit is winning so far ( i haven't read books with elena yet^^) Is the giveaway open to international?
  97. Diane
    Diane July 28, 22:37
    I love both of them, what will I do?
  98. nflder
    nflder July 29, 01:17
    Kate Daniels,,, no one is better!
  99. Amy
    Amy July 29, 05:32
  100. Mel
    Mel July 29, 08:09
    Love both Merit and Elena, but I have to go with Merit on this one.
  101. Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown July 29, 09:26
    I love both stories, with both have kick ass heroines, terribly hard to choose.
  102. deanna hanson
    deanna hanson July 29, 15:08
    go merit
  103. Jo
    Jo July 29, 15:49
    I wanted Kit Colbana to advance because of another Damon POV snippet, but alas it was not to be! Elena it is then :)
  104. Jo
    Jo July 29, 15:52
    I wanted Kit Colbana to advance because of the promise of another Damon POV snippet, but alas it was not to be. Elena it is then :)
  105. Rachel
    Rachel July 29, 16:01
    Tough choice, I think both Merit and Elena are great... going to have to be Elena
  106. Krista Hogsett
    Krista Hogsett July 31, 01:16
    Shoulda been Merit!! Love her!

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