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Give Your Book the Publicity It Deserves

One of the best ways to promote your book online is through bloggers. Many authors have realized this and have taken advantage of reviews and publicities that the blogging world can offer.

In fact, Tim Ferriss, author of The 4 Hour Work Week claims that it was publicity from other bloggers that kept the book on the New York Times Best Seller list for over 4 years and helped it to sell over 1.350,000 copies. He didn’t do traditional book tours at all.

And who can blame him? Book store signings for new authors attract very few people. Even best selling authors struggle to attract an abundance of readers. So why go to the trouble and expense of a traditional book tour when you can use the help of bloggers to reach thousands of buyers for your book?

Book Tour FAQ

To discover how you can get the best publicity possible for your book, check out our tour packages by CLICKING ON THE TABS BELOW)

BLAST for Book Trailer Reveal ($40)

Featured on Unlimited Amount of Blogs


BLAST for Cover Reveal  *(FREE)*

Featured on Unlimited Amount of Blogs
(must be booked  with any other service, in order to be eligible for complimentary cover reveal)


BLAST for Release Day (new book releases) ($50) 

Featured on Unlimited Amount of Blogs


BLASTS: What do you get?

  • Featured on Unlimited Amount of Blogs
  • Includes Book Blurb, Cover, Author Bio and Social Media Links, Goodreads Link (If available), Pre-Buy Links (If Available), Exclusive Excerpt (If Available), as well as any other Promotional Materials Provided by Client.
  • Media Kit Provided for the Blog Tour
  • Social Media shouts on Paranormal Cravings Facebook, Twitter and those of the reviewers.
  • Reveal Sign-up on the Paranormal Cravings Book Tours Website.
  • Management of Giveaway (If Applicable)


  • A free cover reveal can be done ON SHORT NOTICA (Within 2 weeks) but 3-4 weeks or longer is best and often results in more blog hosts.
  • Cover reveal must not be available online.  Have cover ready (or a mockup) or upload it via the request form below.
  • We only offer this Cover Reveal for free, if we are the only tour host organizing the reveal.
  • This is a free service. I am sorry to say we can’t accept all covers.
  • Cover Reveal post featured on Paranormal Cravings and Best Book Tours
  • Cover Reveal will be promoted via all Social Media channels from Paranormal Cravings and the tour hosts in the cover reveal. 
  • We cant garantee how many blogs will sign up sometimes around 30 others hit the 150 blogs.
  • The Cover Reveal post will be created by us and sent to all participating bloggers as a HTML-ready post to ensure all the information is on there and to make it easier on bloggers.
  • We send a media kit (incl. all info, links and pictures) for participating bloggers who prefer to set up their own posts.
  • Cover Reveal posts include book cover and summary from Goodreads, buy links, author bio and picture (if available), author links, teasers or anything else the author wishes to add.

Review Only VIRTUAL TOUR ($50) 

Reviews on amazon and Goodreads if possible*



Distribution Custom Press Release  + Goodreads Advertising for value $15

  • $50.00 (One week, 5-7 Stop Min)
  • $60.00 (Two Weeks, 8-10 Stop Min)
  • $100.00 (Three Weeks, 11-15 Stop Min)
  • $150.00 (Four Weeks, 16-20 Stop Min)
  • $200.00 (Four Week tour with Release Blast & Four Teasers)
  • Please note that these numbers are A MINIMUM. All requests will be added to the tour, as long as the host is in good standing.

*= Please note that reviews will be honest and positive reviews are not guaranteed, Bloggers will be asked to also post review to Goodreads/Amazon in addition to their blog.

VIRTUAL BOOK TOURS: What do you get

  • Online Tour progress form to track your posts
  • Includes Book Blurb, Cover, Author Bio and Social Media Links, Goodreads Link, Buy Links, Exclusive Excerpt (If Available), as well as any other Promotional Materials Provided by Client.
  • Includes Review, Excerpt and Promo Stops, and Author can choose to participate in Author Interviews, Character Interviews and Guest Posts.
  • Tour Sign-up on the Paranormal Cravings Book Tours Website.
  • Custom designed Tour Banners (2) one large banner, one large advertisement.
  • Social Media shouts on Paranormal Cravings Facebook, Twitter and those of the reviewers.
  • Media Kit.
  • Featured space in our Paranormal Cravings HOME PAGE.
  • Management of Giveaway (Recommended).

Review Query Service ($30) 

Reviews on amazon and Goodreads if possible*

  • All Bloggers will read/review on their own time frame although you may specify a window of time. (1-3 months for example)
  • Best way if you are looking for more bloggers to read/review your book.
  • Email with sign up form will also be sent to our 1,000+ tour hosts
  • All will be visible and easy to track with the online tour form to keep track of all review requests and review links.
  • All reviews will be honest and positive reviews are not guaranteed.
  • Bloggers will be asked to share all reviews on their Social Media and Book Blogs/Websites.
  • Once the sign up post goes up, refunds are not available.
  • This can be booked with any other tour or blast.
  • Please note that number of bloggers requesting books is not guaranteed. By signing up for this service, you agree that the number of bloggers requesting a copy and writing a review is not guaranteed.  


All the extra packages can be purchased by itself or in combination with one of the tour packages

If you schedule your own tour. The services below can be booked as stand-alone or with one of our tours.

  • *new* Dedicated Newsletter (to our bloggers and subscribers of paranormal cravings)($35) The dedicated newsletter can be sent on any day of the month, as well as a separate post on our website and posted on our Social Media pages
  • Tour PAGE on Paranormal Cravings ($50)
  • Tour Blog/website ($100)
  • Twitter party ($30)
  • Book Tour BANNER (are already included in tour packages) ($10)
  • Facebook Header Design($15)
  • Twitter Background Design ($15)
  • Special Banner or header on request for your site! ($15)

Start your tour here!

How We Can Help You to Get Bloggers to Write About Your Book

Most authors don’t have connections with hundreds of bloggers who are willing to promote their book. That is where Paranormal Cravings come in. We realize how valuable bloggers are when it comes to book publicity, so we created Online Book Tours.

We have a team of over 900 Book Tour Hosts who already have a great internet presence and huge followings. And if you opt to promote your book through one of our Online Book Tours, the team will publicize it for you in many ways on their blogs including:

  • Author Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Promotional Blog Posts
  • Author Guest Posts
  • Social Media Shout Outs

An Online Book Tour is an effective and affordable way of getting the word out about your book. And our tours are affordable and simple to arrange. We take care of everything for you, including blog tour banners, marketing advice and scheduling the tours with our team of bloggers.

How do these tours work

Here is in short the routine we do for scheduling the tours

  1. Send the author a confirmation of the tour request (We send you a WORD-DOC to fill out with all info)
  2. We confirm you the actual TOUR period/date
  3. Progress your returned WORD-DOC. (In this stage we like to have received from you all info, images, giveaway info and review copies)
  4. We set up the Tour page on Paranormal Cravings where Blog Hosts can sign up for your tour or find info. This is also the place where you find your up-to-date tour schedule and changes.
  5. Send out the newsletter to all our 600+ Blog Hosts with your tour info, links, about, cover and Sign – up Button.
  6. We receive the replies from the Blog Hosts
  7. We email the Author a DRAFT Tour Schedule, and make changes if necessary.
    <–Point of no return–>
  8. We have a GO at this point from the Author to send out confirmations together with the review copies that we have received from you/ or we send you a list with contacts so the author, publisher or third like Netgalley or Edelweiss can send out the review copies/download options.
  9. Send CONFIRMATION EMAIL to all participating bloggers: The final tour schedule with MEDIA KIT, review copies, excerpts, buy and contact links, about, blurb etc.
  10. We collect all interviews from the bloggers and specs from bloggers who opted for a Guest post and send them to the author.
  11. We send the author an LINK to the Online PROGRESS FILE of the tour: an update with the how’s and when’s- neat list of stops/dates and guest post that have to be written by author, interviews that have to be filled out etc. For a promo the author don’t have to do anything.
  12. ONE WEEK BEFOR THE TOUR STARTS: All guest posts and all interviews answers have to be send to the blog hosts by author
  13. Before the tour start we send out a reminder to all bloggers (In case they are missing something, the book they signed-up to review was dissapointing or mail was send to SPAM box) With no news bloggers at this point, we are ready for your tour and your tour is ready to START!
  14. We keep each other up-to date through the online tour file. (Direct links to the posts, missed stops, winners of the GA’s after the tour)


Tours need to be booked at least 4 weeks in advance and will include a minimum of tour stops depending on the chosen tour. The author/publisher agrees to ship copies of their book and requested Guest Posts to the bloggers hosting tour stops, to arrive at least 3 weeks prior to their tour dates.

Authors on tour will be featured at and connected Social Media for time till and during the tour. Each individual tour stop will feature a photo of the book, (if chosen)a review, links to the author’s website, blog, and purchasing information.

Our experience is that authors who interact with tour hosts and make themselves available for guest posting, interviews, question and answer sessions with blog commenters, and who respond to comments will have the greatest success from their tour!

We specialize in organizing tours for the following genres:


But of course other are welcome :)

 Examples Tour Banners 


Click here to see banners from previous tours

More Information:  

Tours are affordable and very easy for you to promote your book. I can set you up with the appropriate bloggers and design blog tour banners, Twitter backgrounds to get your started. Just let me know if you are interested.


Praises from our authors

“I love your services! The release day blitzes and the blog tours are fabulous — yours are the best I’ve seen out there. I’ll be using your services again for the next book and recommending you too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Dani Harper


“I want say a great big thank you to Iris at Paranormal Cravings. She guided me through the Vicious Moon book tour with her wonderful professional skills. I’d recommend her to anyone who might need her services. She has a really great site for reviews, etc.” – Lee Roland

“Iris (Paranormal Cravings) made the book promotion process stress-free and fun! As a busy author, this is a plus. I was pleasantly surprised at the quick responses and impact my book tour had on sales and my visibility. I will most certainly use Paranormal Cravings again and HIGHLY recommend them.” – Ambrielle Kirk

Your service is greatly appreciated—and very professional. I will be certain to sing your praises!- J.T. Bock

Big thank you to Iris for another great experience with Paranormal Cravings! – Natalie Acres

I am only half-way through and it has been so much better than I could ever hope for as a new author. I have already highly recommended this service to a friend and will continue to do so in the future. I will be back to schedule another tour as soon as possible!

Here is a secret for all the other new authors like me. Reviewers are extremely busy, and having a tour host puts you at the front of the line. Iris and her vast network of bloggers and reviewers will treat you like a VIP, and guide you step-by-step through a month long whirlwind tour to remember! – R.L. King

***Terms and Conditions***
  • Author/publisher is responsible for getting Guest Posts and Interviews on time to the Blog Hosts.  
  • Author/publisher must have review copies ready at least 1 month before the tour starts.
  • Once the planning process starts, tour is non-refundable.
  • If booking a book tour with us, please make sure that you don’t book a tour with another tour host until after 30 days after the tour.  It takes time and effort to organize an effective tour and having multiple tours around the same time can affect the outcome of the tour.
  • Payments made through PayPal.  Payment due upon receipt.


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